Pilates classes in Central London

Welcome to Pilates in London with me, Melissa.

I teach one-on-one Pilates classes all over central London in home, online and studio settings. As a fully qualified instructor in mat and equipment Pilates, I can guide you through a range of disciplines to help in your fitness journey. One-on-one sessions mean that my students receive a tailored programme adapted to their needs and abilities.

Whether you are in need of physical rehabilitation, are a new or expectant mother, a public speaker, or are simply looking for an amazing new fitness program, I can provide you with bespoke instruction that will perfectly match your requirements!

Learn about how Pilates can benefit you below and here.

Pilates teacher Melissa demonstrating the 'bicycle' position from her home in Brixton, London
Pilates teacher Melissa demonstrating the 'swan' position from her home in Brixton, London

What is Pilates?

Pilates is a low impact form of exercise which conditions the whole body. Weak parts are strengthened, flexibility is increased and overall posture is transformed. This provides the body with the perfect support for other activities and sports.

Provided where you are, we will start with the Pilates repertoire basics. Simple but highly effective exercises which will encourage your body to be in its best alignment and will implement the fundamentals needed to move on to more complex and intricate movements later on. This will bring about amazing results!

Pilates also forges a powerful connection between the body and the mind. I will help you to instil lifelong habits that enhance awareness and encourage mental relaxation at the same time as building up strength. All of this makes for a body and mind that are healthy, happy and prepared to take on all of the challenges that life has to offer.

What to expect?

My London-based Pilates classes can offer you fantastic health benefits!

In your sessions with me you can expect to:

  • Develop awareness and control of the body

  • Improve posture, alignment, breathing, balance and coordination

  • Strengthen joints and prevent injuries (back pain, pelvic stability, neck and shoulder injuries, etc.)

  • Keep your pregnancy, labour and delivery healthy

  • Speed up post natal recovery and surgery rehabilitation

  • Increase concentration and flexibility

  • Release tensions and promote relaxation

  • Build up self-esteem and confidence

Pilates teacher Melissa performing a shoulder stand from her home in Brixton, London

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