What am I like as a Pilates teacher?

As a Pilates teacher it is my number one  priority to ensure my clients feel relaxed, happy and that they are in good hands, whether online, in the comfort of their home or in a studio environment working out with other Pilates lovers.

Four words encapsulate my approach: precise, adaptable, straightforward and fun!

My students are the best people to ask about my teaching style and skills. See what they have to say below.

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What My Clients Are Saying…

“An excellent instructor…”

“I have been going to Mélissa’s Pilates sessions weekly for about 18 months. She is an excellent instructor. Everyone is given personal attention to assess which areas to work on and which areas to rest. Melissa then puts together a series of exercises targeted to each person’s needs and demonstrates how to do them. She takes care to explain the breathing and which muscles should be engaging and which should not. She then watches you do them very carefully and if any adjustments (even minor ones!) are needed to get the most out of the exercise she will always point that out which often feels like a ‘eureka’ moment! My back hasn’t been as well behaved in years.”
— Daniel

“Creatively adapt any exercise…”

“I am highly-skilled, physical performer with a specific and unique body type.
I feel very lucky to be practicing with Mélissa.
With humour, rigour and specificity to each exercise, she enables me to explore a new, less painful framework. And because she is always thinking about the mechanics of my specific body, when necessary, Mélissa is able to creatively adapt any exercise, allowing me to continue to lengthen and create space in a body that is prone to compression.”
— Aliyah

“Mélissa quickly reassured me…”

“Mélissa started working with me when I was about 16 weeks pregnant. I was anxious at first about starting pilates as I hadn’t practised in a while and wanted to be careful during the pregnancy. Mélissa quickly reassured me and created a programme of Pilates that focused on my strength and balance. Exercises have been adapted throughout my pregnancy to fit with each stage and also how I am coping on the day in question. I can see improvements since Mélissa started working with me and she makes every session enjoyable. I always feel refreshed afterwards (even after a long day at work) and I am sure Pilates has helped me cope with some of my pregnancy symptoms.”
— Lauren

“Patiently and competently helped me…”

“I met Mélissa eight months after the birth of my third son. I have never been the sporty type of person and with a busy work life, my body never fully recovered from my pregnancies. My back was in a lot of pain and my stomach muscles were weak just like the rest of my body. It was obvious that I needed to take care of it but I didn’t want anything too harsh and straining. Mélissa, patiently and competently, helped me to get back into shape. We are now in our second year together, I can proudly say that I am much stronger and not having any pain anymore! I very much enjoy my classes and look forward to seeing Mélissa every week in the comfort of my home before the confinement and now virtually.”
— Scarlett

“Her skills are exemplary…”

“Mélissa has been our Pilates teacher for over two years now! Anyone that can motivate us every week at 7 in the morning must be doing something right! The class is the right balance of exercise and fun. Mélissa always sets high standard and her skills are exemplary. We always feel great after the class and sets us up perfectly for the day ahead!”
— Stella & Ed

“She has a gift to heal and to strengthen your body…”

“Mélissa is my miracle worker. She has a gift to heal and strengthen your body and never refuses a challenge. Her patience, dedication, level of knowledge, creativity and passion for her work was apparent from our very first session over a year ago. To her a client is not just another job but a chance to help that client realise their full potential and goals. I have been fortunate to have been privately trained by many amazing trainers over the past 30 years and I can confidently say that Mélissa is one of the best in her field. I trust her unconditionally when it comes to my fitness. ”
— Delilah

“Thanks to her, my back pain is now under control…”

Melissa is a fantastic Pilates teacher! I worked with her both at home and in a studio when I was living in London. She taught me the basics at the start, and we went through more difficult exercises over time. She has always adapted her lessons to my needs; thanks to her, my back pain is now under control. I would recommend her to anyone who wants to do Pilates, need help with back pain, or simply enjoy a nice hour training with a great person.
— Clément

“Attention to details…”

“I have suffered from neck and back problems due to a scoliosis for 25 years and have been doing regular reformer and equipment Pilates for over five years. However, it’s only since I started working with Melissa, three years ago, that I really feel that I have been able to effectively manage my spinal issues, build my strength and transform my body. Her attention to detail, in-depth Pilates expertise and no-nonsense instruction has become invaluable for me. My weekly studio and now virtual classes are now part of my lifestyle.”
— Sheila

“Uplifting and positive personality…”

“Working with Mélissa on improving my well-being, the health, strength and flexibility of my body has been an enormously rewarding and fun experience. Mélissa has a unique and relatable teaching style that is equally challenging and fulfilling. Her uplifting and positive personality make me look forward to meeting her in person or online for a workout that is tailor-made to my needs and expectations each and every time.”
— Karolina

“Her capacity to understand my needs…”

“I have been training with Mélissa for almost three years now. What I like about her is her capacity to adapt and to understand my needs. She tailors each session to how my body feels on that specific day and to my mood. Professional and friendly, she makes me feel comfortable and her passion for Pilates motivates me to go beyond my limits. I have a busy professional life, Pilates keeps me balanced and is now part of my daily routine. It has greatly helped me in managing a back injury and is now keeping it healthy. ”
— Alessandro

“Searches the best ways of helping me…”

“Mélissa has been my Pilates instructor for over three years now and has helped me improve my stability and core strength. As a result I have had less pain in my lower back following surgery for a bulging disc. Mélissa constantly improves her knowledge and technique and searches the best ways of helping me. She pushes me when needed and is very direct which helps. I go to her on a weekly basis and each time I complete a class, I come out feeling better, more flexible, straighter and stronger. I would highly recommend her . ”
— Declan

“Clear, encouraging and has helped me a huge amount…”

“I have two slipped disks and have been working with Mélissa for several months in order to help my recovery and strengthen my core. Mélissa is an excellent Pilates teacher! She is clear, encouraging and has helped me a huge amount. The difference in my capabilities since the beginning, is remarkable. I love my lessons with her and feel great at the end of each session. ”
— Jasmine

“Precise, determined, flexible and attentive…”

“My main goal when I first started Pilates was to build overall strength with a special focus on a past knee injury that was affecting the rest of my body. After eight month training two times per week with Mélissa, I got pregnant with my first baby and wanted to ensure that I would stay strong even if my body was changing a lot. She took care of me throughout my pregnancy and is now helping me to recover from the birth. Mélissa is precise and determined to help you meeting your goals but also flexible and attentive about how you feel on the day you go to her. She adapts the session to you which is always great! ”
— Elise

“Grateful of her ongoing help and care…”

“Melissa has been our private Pilates teacher for over a year. She is fabulous! Her sessions are always tailor-made to our needs and abilities, and she easily copes with necessary adaptations for issues such as injury care and rehab. She takes time to adjust our positions and movements to ensure we get the most out of every exercise, and has helped us meaningfully improve our strength and fitness.  We are so glad we found Melissa and we are so grateful for her ongoing help and care . ”
— Annabelle

“Professional, specific and precise in her teaching…”

“I have attended studio classes with Mélissa over the past 18 months. Mélissa is a very professional, friendly, helpful and fun teacher. She pays a lot of attention to details and is specific and precise in her teaching, which I find very helpful. I have a scoliosis which has troubled me considerably especially after the birth of my daughter. Mélissa has guided me with great success to become strong and flexible again. She is creative and always has a lot of ideas to adapt exercises and to suggestions for home workouts. Since the Covid-19, I have been doing weekly live online one-on-one mat classes with Mélissa which also work very well. I can highly recommend her as a Pilates teacher.”
— Helen